Importance Of Books In 'Fahrenheit 451' By Ray Bradbury

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Books’ are a pillar of human civilization, they have cultivated our minds and expression. In most of human history, the powerful have tried to overwhelm the weak, and they have done this through the suppression information and knowledge. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury discusses these ideas, by creating a dystopian society where the mere existence of books has been banned and eradicated. This fictional world in some facets of life has paralleled our own society, and for its time was inexplicably accurate in its predictions. The banning of books in society unnecessarily promotes the issue of suppression of knowledge and education. Reading banned books provides an intrinsic value, with its benefits heavily outweighing the drawbacks, it offers…show more content…
Whether it is for moral, political, or religious reasons, the banning of books is the suppression of knowledge and ideas. However, when a society decides to ban books, they are actively acknowledging the idea that it is acceptable to restrict an individual’s freedom. Fahrenheit 451 depicts the vision of life where society allows a power, such as a government, to control free decision and thought. Although it was the most extreme version of banning, through the act of burning, it portrayed the destruction of the individuals’ choice to decide the idea of right and wrong. If someone does not want their child reading a book, they can prevent them, if someone does not agree with the contents of a book, they do not have to read it, nevertheless, that is their freedom to choose. Fahrenheit 451 discusses the desire for freedom, without the choice, no one will be able to fully understand the truth. This is the desire of Montag in the novel, is to read books, so that he can come to the truth on his own. It comes down to the rationality of who is allowed to justify morality, and the value it has in enhancing our lives and expression. Admittedly, banning books has shown benefits in protecting the innocence of the youth. In the U.S. most books are banned by school’s due to parents urging. With parents feeling uncomfortable with the contents of books, and the idea that it will be introduced to their children, they feel the necessity to ban it
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