Importance Of Business Ethics On Previous And Current Literature Essay

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Importance of business ethics in previous and current literature
Previous Methodologies used for Studying Business Ethics Majority of the literature reviewed relied heavily on questionnaires and surveys as the chosen methodology. According to Rowley (2014), questionnaires are the “most widely used means of collecting data” (p. 308). However, when designing a questionnaire or survey researchers should consider the type of questions being used, sensitivity of questions asked, content and length, method of administering, and sufficient response rate. In this type of research, business ethics research, the researchers are striving to obtain quantitative data or the frequency of ethical attitudes, behaviors, and experiences among the sample population (Rowley, 2014). There are several advantages and disadvantages to questionnaires. The advantages of using a questionnaire for research include standardized data collection, low cost, large sample populations, and easy, quick delivery to participants. The disadvantages of using a questionnaire for research include bias, respondent ability to understand questions, truthfulness of respondent responses, poor response rate,
Summary of Findings An organization’s structure is comprised of three major components – control or hierarchy in an organization, grouping of organization members, and systems for communication and coordination. The organization’s structure and design is important because it creates the foundation
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