Importance Of Children In The Victorian Era

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The Belittled Little Ones of the Victorian Era Children of all classes during the Victorian era were seen but not heard. At the age of five, children were working to make a living during this time. Children during the Victorian era were raised and perceived as adults. In the story Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens wrote about a young orphan raised in a workhouse, where he was abused and overworked. Charles Dickens displayed in his literature how Victorian children were thrown around and were looked as nothing more than workers. He focused on this because he wanted to show how children were treated, and how people during that time did not see it as wrong. Charles Dickens revealed ways in which children in the Victorian era who were apart of the …show more content…

Charles Dickens shows their lifestyle through his literature Oliver Twist and how the expectations the children lived under was supposed to result in the main goal of perfection. All children during the Victorian era could relate in a way. They all lacked relationships and social interactions with others. They also lived life in constant competition; either for food, work, or even popularity. Even though all the Victorians may not have lived the same lifestyle, they all wanted the same thing. The children in this time period were raised based by their social status. Many had no communication or did not know how to be affectionate due to the lack of attention, and interaction with family. Not having these basic skills caused many complications for the children such as hunger, isolation, and not having the knowledge of how to live life the proper lifestyle that was expected during the Victorian era . This made living hard, especially because family was so important during this time. Lower class children struggled to stay in homes and off the streets. During the Victorian era many children in the lower class were placed into a workhouse, because of the lack of money and basic necessities (Jordan 262). As children grew up in a workhouse, they lacked relationships with their family because of being abandoned or homeless. Not being raised by a family had a great affect on children in this era. Victorian

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