Importance Of Communication And Coordination At Virtual Teams ' Success Essay

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ZARROUG, Abdin Final Project Module 7
Section 1: Literature Review
Research Topic: The importance of Communication and Coordination in virtual teams ' Success.

Research on this topic is relatively new, therefore; the research is ongoing to arrive at the destination (B.Arnett, 2008). Arnett argued in this respect and for this reason, there are still many areas researchers need to investigate and touched to complete the research on this perspective (B.Arnett, 2008).Since the world is moving towards the concept of globalization, the importance of virtual teams increases. A communication, on the other hand, is also imperative to support this new modernized world because message transference is vital in this respect. The marketplace also requires that the communications means should match the frequency of message transference to create the balance. The endorsement came from another researcher in this respect; “Simple transmission of information from point A to point B is not enough; the virtual environment presents significant challenges to effective communication” (Walvoord, 2008).
Communication and virtual teams go hand in hand in all the endeavors attributable to the significant relation between them. When a virtual team functions, it follows with the communication. Communication represents the mechanism of the virtual teams` functionality. For this reason, the communication follows the virtual team to complete the message processes. Communication to the Virtual Teams is…

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