Importance Of Communication In School

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The Importance of Communication is important to understand; particularly in school. Communicating effectively is the best way to keep everyone connected and informed about what is going on. Email is the most efficient manner of staying in contact with a teacher, coach, or another student. “The email channel is an oldie but goodie and a key channel for schools. We all love it because it is a great form of one-to-one personal communication.” (Williams, para. 20). Many teachers have online classrooms where students are able to access their homework. This is important because the students need to know what assignments they need to complete. For this reason, it is crucial to both students and teachers at Minnewaska to read their emails…show more content…
Important messages can only be acknowledged if the students at Minnewaska check their email. “The use of email can range from reminders, policies, registration, newsletters and a variety of announcements (Williams, para. 22).” Kids form friendships with their coaches, and they respect each other and communicate about the expectations they both have. “Coaches need to be able to clearly communicate expectations, goals, standards, and feelings to their athletes… And although we tend to think of effective communicators as being able to send clear messages that are interpreted as intended, communication is a two-way street that also involves receiving messages. For a coach, this means listening attentively. Athletes need to be able to communicate their goals, frustrations, and feelings to their coach” (Burton & Raedeke, para. 5). Coaches can communicate with athletes or club members about practices or expectation they have for the student when they aren’t taking part in the activity. Students always need to be reading their mail so they don’t miss any important announcements.

“The three rules of the Tipping Point -- the Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor, the Power of Context — offer a way of making sense of epidemics.” (Gladwell, 29). By combining The Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor, and the Power of Context, our tipping could become an epidemic throughout the school. All three of these factors can create
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