Importance Of Communication On Personal Communication

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While observing Mrs. Discenza for the second time, the day started off in her usual manner of going through emails, checking the calendar, and making phones calls in her office. A student was called down to deal with a disciplinary issue of inappropriate dress. Mrs. Discenza referred to the student handbook to show the student what rule she was violating. She also explained why it is in the student’s best interest to dress following the provided guidelines. Mrs. Discenza was very professional and caring in the conversation with the young lady, since this conversation could have turned bad quite quickly. The student was then instructed to call home for a change of clothes. While the student called home, Mrs., Discenza composed and email to the parents explaining the meeting that had taken place. She said, “Following up anytime a student is in violation of the handbook requires a written document. I also make sure to respond to any parent concerns when the parent comes in with a change of clothes. One other thing is to remain professional when addressing clothing so not to be accused by the student that they are being perverted by looking at them. Therefore, eliminating any legal repercussions” (L. Discenza, personal communication, October 23, 2017). The student then waited in the office until her mother brought her another outfit. After the student incidence we had a few moments to discuss the goals of the team meetings that she would be attending during periods two and
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