Importance Of Communication Strategies For Building Project

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Communications Strategies for Building Project
Communications simply refers to the systems as well as the processes that are used to broadcast information, (Evans, 2016, p.285). This can be done by use of various channels inclusive of audio, verbal and written modes of communication. Through communication, work is made easier and this can promote success at work places such in building projects. Communication therefore forms a very significant component of the builders’ management project since it is the determinant of the building project, (Evans, 2016, p.291). Below is the procedure of what ought to be followed for the success of builders’ management project.
Through the effective communication strategies, anyone with the plans to
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Site Meetings
Another key area that is necessary for the successful completion of the client construction project is the organization for the site meetings. Through a properly planned and conducted site meeting, much can be accomplished since well planned meetings enhance positive achievement, (Shmueli, Pliskin & Fink, 2016, pg 400). However, meetings with no pre-planning will tend to accomplish very little, and always result into a waste of time which is one of the most valuable resources. According to (Shmueli, Pliskin & Fink, 2016, pg 399), for the construction project, personnel have the right to call on the meetings which can be convened by both the Principal Contractor and the organization’s Key Personnel such as the construction Manager, Project Manager, Estimator and the Accountant. In the meeting some of the most important issues that can be discussed comprise of the feasibility of the Project. Generally, feasibility of the any project is based on the project’s Tender Documents.
The meeting in addition can bring on board the Client or the Client’s representative(s). The client’s representatives in most cases include the Architect, Quantity Surveyor and the Engineer. However, the Quantity Surveyor, maybe a Clerk of Works who might have been engaged before. Furthermore, in the later meetings there should be involvement of the Site Supervisor, other Site Personnel and Sub Contractors. In
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