Importance Of Contraception On Sexual Relationships

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Thought Assignment #3: Importance of contraception in sexual relationship. I decided to choose Campo-Engelstien’s paper to write about contraception for this assignment because it fits more to answer the questions. Campo-Engelstien’s paper describes how men is biologically, and socially different between women with everything about sex; with their uncontrollable libido about sex and their desire of it. When one is in a sexual relationship with his/her partner, pregnancy is one of the major concerns each might have to think about. Contraception is the main key to prevent the pregnancy unless they are planning to get pregnant. If one person do not agree on preventing pregnancy than it may affect their relationship status as well as their lives. This is the most risky and fastest way to affect one’s life to be clasps and in most cases, it happens in women than men. In my personal opinion, contraception is the key for in every sexual relationship. Getting pregnant is easy but having and rising up a baby is a total different task. Getting pregnant only requires to have a sex but rising up a baby requires so many things such as money, education, safe environment and providing a good health. Therefore, if both man and woman are not ready or planning to have a baby then, contraception is essential. Moreover, they both have to agree on it. If one is contrasting the other with the idea of contraception then it is less likely to improve or continue their relationship. Both genders
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