Importance Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Today's Society

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Jait Shukla
ENG W 131
Essay 2
Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in Today’s Society

Before five years, I came across a situation which led me to think about the importance and need of social responsibility by business enterprises. To start off giving a brief background, my brother was a fresh graduate from the school of architecture where he got his first individual contract in India. He had to design a mall that was planned to kick start after a few years. The land where it was being constructed belonged to an old age home. It was a well-known home for old people to spend their remaining years. Being his first project, my brother was really enthusiastic and gave all his hard work. Later, he got to know about the old age home that was present there. He and his team were in a quandary situation of whether or not to appeal to their company’s executive board to discuss this issue. On one hand, they were pressurized by the board to complete the project on time, as millions of equities were at stake. Whereas, on the other hand, they were feeling a sense of immoral behavior on their part. His team came up with a proposal that was designed to support both, the mall and the old age home by retaining a part of this property with the latter. The proposal was rejected, and my brother and his team withdrew from that project. This experience was narrated to me by my brother, which drew me towards the need of the business houses to be sensitive towards the society. Therefore,
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