Importance Of Critical Thinking

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I would say that my greatest skill is critical thinking. This fact was apparent to my mother when I was four years old and she cultivated it by buying me jigsaw puzzles and as I grew older, sudoku and riddles. As a child I was the one who would enjoy reading the one who could be relied on to rectify computer issues as I was able to quickly analyze situations and problem solve. However, as a child I didn’t view this as a skill. I would jealously watch my friend's display their skills and talents wondering what mine were. This was the case until I started learning Algebra One as well as analyzing and reading literature in eighth grade. Only then did I recognize that I excelled in these areas and enjoyed them. Then I began actively developing this skill by taking the most advanced classes my junior high school had to offer. In high school I took honors Math classes, honors English classes, AP calculus, AP Physics C mechanics, and both AP English tests and excelled in most of them while enjoying the process at the same time. I have continued to develop my critical thinking skills in college through enrolling in the Scholar’s program and taking the more arduous classes they offered. I hope to continue developing this skill in upper division classes and apply my analytical nature to providing insight in the psychology field. 2.,In order to prepare for my intended major I have taken psychology classes as well as the prerequisites required to transfer with that major. I know
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