Importance Of Customer Service In The Hotel Industry

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In the current international hospitality industry, hotels are experiencing a time with challenges and opportunities in terms of the customer service and demands. It is obvious to see that customer service is playing an important role in the hotel business industry as the quality of service and experience are more emphasized by the customers compared to before. Therefore, significant stress on the hospitality industry is consistently growing up because of hotels expect to attract returning customers regarding word-of-mouth (Hjalager & Richards, 2002). What’s more, with the development of technology, ways of availability of Accessing to the information such as the mobile application where people can view good or bad information and experience bring great convenience to the customers. To some extent, it largely affects that whether customers can be attracted and how customer relationship can be kept by hotels in different ways. For the sake of creating good word-of-mouth, hotels need to offer excellent and exceptional services for the customers as it is the key element of being a successful business. The level of satisfaction of customers to the hotels and awareness are strongly related to customer loyalty with the brand name and thus extensively improve its competitiveness and attractiveness among the hotel industry. More importantly, it is also a strategy and approach for hotels to expand into the international market by forming their brand recognition and image to the public
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