Importance Of Data Analysis On The Enterprise Big Data Project Essay

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With the progress of the enterprise big data project, the importance of data analysis speed is increasingly highlighted. To further enhance the speed of data analysis, IBM unveiled a Hadoop data machine, designed to help enterprise users to meet demands of more variety and more large-scale data (lower cost) real-time analysis. IBM mainly through the following two methods improve the speed of enterprise big data analysis, one is by using BLU technology to split large data into "medium data" and even "small data", another method is the hardware optimization, launch big data machine for Hadoop. In addition, IBM InfoSphere BigInsights is a platform used for analysis and visualization management of mass data processing, which is based on distributed Apache Hadoop open source technology. It realized integration and extension of Hadoop main components. At the same time, IBM also provides special data processing and analysis module. Using the BigInsights, IT professionals can quickly build a large data processing platform, customized analysis was carried out on the huge amounts of data within the enterprise, and combining the enterprise existing database, data warehouse and business intelligence analysis framework to help enterprises to obtain huge commercial value. The BigInsights mainly provides the following features: • Easy deployment Apache Hadoop components Through a simple graphical interface, the BigInsights can easily implement installation and deployment of Hadoop

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