Importance Of Data Architecture And The Entire Enterprise Architecture

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Architecture is designed to help understand and manage the complexity of many things, such as buildings, systems, machines, music, and organizations (Mosley, 2008). In enterprises, architecture exists at many levels, for example, data, technology, application, process and business architecture. This paper will focus on the importance of data architecture and how it plays an important role in the entire enterprise architecture. According to Techopedia, Enterprise Data Architecture (EDA) is an assembly of blueprints which is designed to align information assets with business strategy and IT programs. Data Architecture is used in a way to guide quality enhancement, integration and successful data delivery ( The key to Data Architecture is ensuring that there are models, policies, tools, rules and/or standards that are in place to govern how the data is developed, collected, compiled and used in a database system and throughout an organization. What’s also important to realize is businesses are facing an every changing evolution where an increased amount of data is being collected from several different systems that are large, complex and usually difficult to process. Therefore, it is extremely important that businesses are able to manage their data to ensure the continued success of the organization. Other important concepts of data architecture is the storage, processing and management of data and result in being one of the biggest core priorities of
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