Importance Of Design For Manufacture And Assembly

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Development of DFM:
DFM is a mindset in which equips designers with the mindset, skill and knowledge needed to create products or produce machining methods whilst considering all aspects behind the venture. It also provides the knowledge to propose ideas undertaking research and developments into concepts of the product in question before mass production commences. The idea is embedded into the mindset of designers and manufacturers alike to allow them to make the necessary decisions with the industry and potential consumers in mind whilst keeping a sustainable approach. DFM also considers the costs, tolerances, limits the process of production and possible consumer appeal. Also enforcing research to be carried out to find out the effectiveness of the machining used and how the sample range will be effective to meet their purpose. DFM in short is the ability to ensure the right decisions are made with extensive research has been put in and all aspects to the design has been considered. below I will place a image to illustrate DFM:

The Importance of Design for Manufacture (DFM), Design for Manufacture & assembly (DFMA) :

Design for manufacture is a term used for being innovative when designing a product. The term itself has the distinctive meaning of manufacturing a product with ease. So what are the important considerations behind DFM? it not only considering the manufacturing process of the product it also considers the development of the product, reducing costs of
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