Importance Of Diversity And Inclusion

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Diversity and Inclusion Diversity and Inclusion is a field within Human Resources that focuses on ensuring the cultural sensitivity as well as the cultural inclusion within an organization (RBC, n.d.). More specifically, diversity is both including and respecting differences of ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education, and religion (RBC, n.d.). As where Inclusion is the state of being valued, respected, and supported regardless of what diverse background you are from (RBC, n.d.). One metaphor to further understand the difference between the two is: Diversity is being asked to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance with everyone. If you google “Diversity and Inclusion,” the first few…show more content…
Diversity and Inclusion at ParentJobNet ParentJobNet is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004, which has the mission to “educate, prepare, connect and empower public school parents with the programs and services they need for job readiness, job connection and financial security (ParentJobNet, n.d.). Through targeted classes, workshops, networking events, career counseling, and job placements ParentJobNet serve the community and strengthen families (ParentJobNet, n.d.).” The founder of ParentJobNet is a Biracial (Black and Asian) woman by the name of Patricia Craddick, who created the agency because she was a New York City public school mother who noticed the need that mothers in the area had for support and job resources that would enable them to enter or reenter the job market (ParentJobNet, n.d.). As where Craddick has verbally expressed the desire to expand her efforts throughout the rest of the state of New York, and potentially the United States, currently ParentJobNet is focused on the East Harlem community (ParentJobNet, n.d.). According to a 2010 U.S. Census report, the racial makeup of the East Harlem community is as follows: “6.8% (3,936) White, 35.5% (20,625) African American, 0.2% (128) Native
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