Importance Of Diversity In The Community And The Medical Community

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My family has lived in Clovis, New Mexico for four generations, allowing me to witness the major role diversity has taken in the community and the medical community. Living in New Mexico for seventeen years has taught me the importance of cultural diversity, as well as the importance of diversity in every unique individual.
August 28th, 2017 my hometown was struck with a devastating shooting at our local library. The tragedy left the citizens of Clovis scared and hopeless. The public library is thought to be a safe place for the community to escape the loud, outside world. When I was younger, I loved visiting the library to read and play with other kids. I remember each of the library employees vividly and how kind they were to every person they encountered. The shooter
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My parents have supported me and my love for science despite their own struggles, teaching me the importance of selflessness. I believe selflessness is one of the most important values a person can obtain, and it is of even more importance to a physician. Growing up in New Mexico has allowed me to understand that diversity is not purely a factor of ethnicity, gender, or religion. Diversity is what makes a person unique based on their morals, interests, and perspectives on the world. New Mexico has given me the opportunity to perfect how I learn about each individual I come in contact with and how to appreciate their uniqueness. Appreciating the diversity of every individual can sometimes be difficult, but growing up in New Mexico has allowed me to explore diversity in ways most people have not experienced. I believe that there is a barrier in communication between doctors and their patients because most people do not accept individual diversity as they should. I plan to use my understanding and appreciation of diversity to benefit the medical community by knowing how to provide care to each
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