Importance Of Dress Code In School

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Are school dress codes necessary and/or effective? For many years now, schools have become about fashion rather than education because of the evolution of the world. Lately, dress code in public schools has become a debate national wide. Some people think that school uniforms should not be a requirement because it will restrict the student’s freedom of expression at school. On the other hand, a non-negligible amount of people agrees with wearing school uniforms. Expressing ourselves is one of the most important rights that was giving to citizen in our society; however, none of us can do as we like at all time. A dress code in public schools would be effective because it would not only create a better learning environment, but it would also provide equality among students and bring professionalism. Dress code in public schools creates a better learning environment. Inappropriate clothing can be a distraction to students who are trying to concentrate. Clothes like short skirts, shorts, low pants, and skinny pants are fine to wear after school, but not for the school more precisely classrooms. Clothes like T-shirts with risky images such as images showing that he/she belongs to a certain gang or profanity may be received as an offense to certain groups/students. Students should feel free to express what they have in their mind through art or writing, but not clothing. Research conducted by the Washington Post revealed that sixty-eight percent of the parents believed that the uniform policy improved overall academic performance. Which means that with few distractions, students can focus more on getting a good education that will help them to become successful in life. Nowadays, many students especially teenage students focus more on their appearance and popularity than learning. If public schools required a dress code, it would cut down the “socio-economic” difference and that would allow students to be equal. A dress code would eliminate violence that occurs every day at school. For example, if the dress code of boys was to wear a simple shirt and tie with dress pants and the dress code of girls was to wear a long skirt or a long dress for girls, baggy clothing would be eliminated. Most of the time such clothes
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