Importance Of Dress Code In The Workplace

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While the norms of dress code in the workplace are constantly shifting in industries and throughout the generations, one thing stands, the way you look directly affects the way you feel and act. The takeover of casual dress in the workplace has stirred concern over how this is actually affecting performance. Through my report, I am specifically targeting companies that meet with clients that dress as business professionals, i.e. suits and blazers. The need to match your clientele and customers dress is important for retention of accounts and the creation of new accounts. Implementing a dress code that requires you to dress in business professional attire will help increase professionalism and productivity in the workplace and of your clients. The book defines professionalism as, “the quality of performing at a high level and conducting oneself with purpose and pride” (Thrill & Bovée, 2005). This encompasses dress as well, in the way that you look the part of your role. As a business professional, you are judged not only on how you communicate, but how you look. First appearances are important when meeting potential clients. If you are discussing a very professional and serious matter, you should also dress in that way so you do not take away from your powerful communication. A client dressed in professional attire, while you are dressed in casual attire, might not feel comfortable discussing serious matters with you. A study by the York College of Pennsylvania showed
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