Importance Of E Commerce Infrastructure On Present Era And The Coming Generations

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E-commerce Infrastructure
Vijay Kumar Mayure
California University of Management and Sciences


E-commerce is abbreviated as electronic Commerce which deals with buying and selling the products through the networking applications such as Internet. The main purpose of this paper is to study about the importance of E-commerce Infrastructure in present era and the coming generations. Hardware, Software, and Networks are the basic varieties required for E-commerce Infrastructure. The main approach of the study is about the Internet Technology, Internet-Today, and the future of Internet. The Internet Technology refers to network of networks, were IP address is the global unique address to find out the network of the Computer. In addition, The Internet Today is the very common basic need of every individual for day after day life. Furthermore, the future of Internet will increase dramatically from manual to robotics appliances.

The Internet-Technology
Innovation of new Internet Technologies has been using by the Organizations for their small to large business to increase benefits and unparalleled amount of profits for their business by advertising their products through internet [Amit and Zott, 2001]. This paper explains about the importance of internet usage in the daily life. Many of thousands of people have the access of internet to find relevant information through internet technology. They can search it, email, phone calls, buy and sell products.
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