Importance Of Education And Values Essay

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Education and Values “What are your plans next year?” this is the question that every high school senior is asked at some point during their final year of high school. Some say college, others say military or straight to work. For me, I will be answering with college. A college education is very important to me. I have always been told that college is the next step after high school. It is what everyone does, but as I’ve gotten older I have realized that is not true. Some people are successful without a college degree, but I have been told there are more opportunities with a college education. I have heard that college is one of the best times of your life because you are able to meet new people and learn new materials. Also, you get to be an adult, but you don’t have all the major responsibilities. I have come to think that college is a great thing for most people. It is a great step up from high school, but help is still available if needed. College really prepares students for what their life after it will be. I think people miss out on countless things if they go right to work after high school. A higher education can serve people in multiple ways. In my opinion, the purpose of college is to eventually get a job you love, have more opportunities, and to make money. Without a higher education people are limited to a smaller amount of jobs. If one gets a higher education, they will most likely receive a job over someone who didn’t go beyond high school. Colleges

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