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A country is only able to grow and prosper through the education of each successive generation. In essence, the quality of the education system defines the potential of future leaders. Without proper teaching each country could revert, fatal mistakes defining the economy, political climate, and general future of a country for decades. The importance of education is clear meaning no country is free of the scrutiny their education system will undergo; although, some countries have far exceeded expectations. Leaders in standardized testing such as Singapore and Japan have made the benchmark for other countries to strive after. In the United States a sense of pride accompanies the general belief that intelligence is high. Score results that…show more content…
Before more modern reforms, problems within the education system were glaring and undeniable creating such disarray that what composed the system was a detriment to itself. Schools of the past, specifically in the 1800s and early 1900s, relied on minimal funding, undereducated teachers, and a lack of proper materials. In addition, most children in America did not go to school full time because of the farming nature of the country and the schools had to accommodate. NC1: “In 1900, the average school year was 100 days long—40 percent shorter than the current school year—and classes were commonly twice as large as contemporary ones.” Cramming what was supposed to be a full education into 100 days a year compared to the modern requirement of 175 or 180 was destined to fail. Seeing as the amount of information can barely be fit into the modern day school year, 100 days could never fulfill a quality education. Not only was the schooling itself a problem but the lack of inclusion kept even more students from bettering the world around them through this outlet. In the past the exclusion from true education was extensive; those denied an education included women, the poor, and those of different races, including but not limited to African Americans. If individuals were not outright denied the opportunity to learn they were separated as Schneider explains.

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