Importance Of Education In Education

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Teacher’s make a choice early on to chase the dream and not the dollar. It is not about the money that is to be made but rather about the minds that can be molded. A teacher goes through rigorous education requirements to prepare for the many roles a teacher must play. In today’s world, many students are falling through the cracks and teachers are facing tremendous difficulties leading them to leave, but I want to join the education field so I can take these students and guide them to the right track. I know that taking Sociology 101 will make me a better teacher.
A basic look at teachers may portray this idea that they simply pass on text book knowledge to students from seven o’clock to three. This is true. Teachers spend much of their time doing their best to help their students learn the information needed. However, teachers do much more than that. They spend countless hours preparing lesson plans, assessing students, reflecting, and caring about their students both in and out of the class rooms. Teachers become bus monitors, observers, cheerleaders, and sometimes that one person in a child’s life to make an ever-lasting difference. To obtain this powerful position, in Kentucky, a person must first obtain a bachelor’s degree. While doing so, one must complete two hundred observation hours in a classroom and then complete an internship- otherwise known as student teaching. After that, he or she must pass a series of state tests. Finally, one can now hold the position and
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