Importance Of Education In Education

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I find pride and value in all my experiences regarding STEM. Though I have directed my focus more towards technology in my middle and high school years, my story began with mathematics. Growing up in an immigrant family, my parents were not always able to cross the language barrier and help develop my studies in language arts or social studies. Since math deals with numbers and function, it is the one subject without borders. I grew up memorizing the multiplication table at an early age and complaining when my parents quizzed me while going on walks or grocery shopping. Despite my constant whining, I obliged and looking back, I am thankful that my parents pushed me to learn basic math in my formative years. By the time I entered elementary school, math just clicked; whether it be from a natural inclination or from the early exposure, and I grew more confident and interested in my mathematical abilities.

Though math captured my attention in elementary school, middle school led to a new fascination. I invested in working with technology and co-founded our middle school’s technology club. We opened the computer lab to all students interested in learning to program or build LEGO robots, and these early Friday mornings comprised my first practice with programming in a collaborative environment. During this experience, I had the opportunity to learn about the thought-processes and programming abilities of other students.

Not only have my middle school experiences been
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