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Like many New Yorkers, I was born outside of the United States. I am a first generation immigrant, who migrated from the island of Jamaica when I was seven years old. Not only was this land tremendously different from my birth land, I was relocated from my grandparents to live with a mother I was unable to identify when I arrived at JFK airport. Additionally, once I started school in America, I encountered another new experience: my new elementary school in New York was way ahead of the rural elementary school I attended in Jamaica. I would spend hours after hours doing my homework each night to then receive grades that discouraged me from persevering. Thus, in my first few years in America, I despised school. Instead of making me feel like “I could do anything,” school made me feel inferior to my classmates. Despite my early struggles in school, I eventually grew to love learning and attending school. This passion for learning is attributed to the many wonderful teachers I have encountered. These teachers not only provided a high-quality education, they also empowered me to trust in myself and in my ability to succeed. Fortunately, I received a full-tuition scholarship in 2012 to attend a small liberal arts college in Indiana. Then in 2015, I graduated with my Master of Arts in Teaching from another prestigious institution in Indiana. I am now working on earning an M.S. Degree in Teaching Students with Disabilities from Touro College. During the day, I am a Literacy
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