Importance Of Education In Education

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I’ve lived by the common adage that we are a product of our environment, the idea that exposures have the ability to shape our character and outcomes in life. Growing up in a rural environment with resources allocated to support agricultural development and a scarcity of resources to address the public health needs of my community inspired me to pursue higher education. As the country reaped the benefits of the agricultural industry, my community endured the costs from exposure to environmental toxins and pollutants that resulted from the agricultural industry’s use of chemical pesticides and over-irrigation of the land. Although the built environment positioned me to experience unfavorable outcomes, the adage served as a reminder that exposure to other environmental conditions could result in more favorable outcomes. My exposure of choice was education, exposing myself to education broke down environmental barriers and instilled a passion to address public health needs inherent to the environment. Self-education exposed me to the field of Nutrition and the idea that nutrients in food could serve as medication to cure, control and prevent diseases. With newfound knowledge of the field, I was able to disseminate nutrition education information to members of my community. Moreover, I recognized that I could not change environmental conditions and needed to pursue a structured education in the field of Nutrition to make a larger impact on the health of my community. Pursuing
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