Importance Of Effective Communication

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Good communication is a key tool that every member within the NHS must have and should be willing to improve. This is because most jobs and roles will involve patient interaction on a daily basis. Good and effective communication will not only make it easier for service users to follow instructions such as how and when to take medication but will also make their experience a positive one which helps with the overall goal of delivering a quality service.
Communication is an essential skill that is used every day within the NHS and when problems arise in communication, the patient is at risk (Blizard, 2012). There are many forms of communication such as verbal and non-verbal etc. All forms of communication are as important as each other within the NHS. The most common form is face-to-face communication and staff will realise that every service user is unique and a different style and tone may have to be used to meet the needs of the individual (, 2017). Within the hospital there are hundreds of people every day and it is no surprise that there are often barriers which have an impact on effective communication. Most common type of barrier would include language and physiological barriers, for example if the patient is not able to remember very well this could have an impact on communication. It is the role of every member of staff to try to overcome these barriers as best as they can to ensure effective and quality communication. Staff within the NHS may often

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