Importance Of Election For Texas House Representative

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Aryal 1 Utsav Aryal Professor Sherry Sharifian Govt 2306-71001 19 November, 2017 When I win As Representative Running for Texas House Representative from District 92 and winning, I will try to work for the betterment of my district and a hole Texas and nation too. District 92 holds the areas of different cities of Dallas-Fort Worth area. The big cities Dallas and Fort Worth have great and direct effect on these cities. this district holds areas from Arlington, Euless, Hurst, Bedford, Fort Worth an North Richland Hill. Working for the development of this area is a challenging job as the big cities are going to give expectation to people to make their cities like that. As I have mentioned in my election campaign, I am going to work to…show more content…
When the environment is disturbed, people are greatly affected, and this can cause serious damage to human and living beings. The proper utilization of these resources helps to control environmental pollution and can help for establishing clean and healthy environment. I will work with this committee to conserve the environment in the state of Texas and in the whole country. My another targeted sector is public health. Being the representative of people, I have to work for the people and for the betterment of their life stander. After I got elected, I would like to work in Public Health Committee. This committee has various kinds of roles but the important role is to ensure the health of the people. 1 This committee has to supervise and control of the practice of medicine and dentistry and other allied health services. It works for the prevention and the treatment of mental illness. As I have mentioned about my plans regarding health issues and the development of the health services providing quality service to the people, I will try to work with my full effort to ensure quality health service from the people and people. Healthy Texas will be a better Texas. Public safety and public security is the other issue that I am interest to involve myself when get elected. So, I want to be the member of ‘Homeland Security and Public Safety’ committee and work for my state. The major duties of this
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