Importance Of English Language

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3.1 Introduction
English is a language which can be traced back to the 5th century by migration and resettlement of its speakers into the different parts of the world. Beginning its foundation of the American colonies into Europe and into the 17th century with its establishment of the East India Company (Paranjpe & Prasad, 2010). The 200 years of presence that English had in India left a huge impression on its language orientation. Both attitudinally and linguistically English has made its place into the new cultural environment and fresh communicative needs. Despite the government’s support towards Hindi, the language inculcating the largest number of speakers under it compared to the other Indian Languages has not yet been able to take up the prestige that English holds in India. India’s larger population is bilingual with proficiency in English. Today it has earned the privilege as the language of the world’s developed countries, their technologies and economy (Paranjpe & Prasad, 2010). It is the very reason that this language has caught the attention of the future generations irrespective of their home country to put English at the pedestal and give development of their native tongue a second place. The provision that English gives on the professional front is too strong as compared to any of the other languages in India. It has not only acquired a wide range of functions in the Indian society, but has also linguistically evolved its own characteristic features at the
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