Importance Of Equality And Diversity

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The term equality and diversity is used to define the equal opportunities and human rights within the values of society. The meaning of this term holds all legal obligations for protection against discrimination of various characteristics; most commonly including gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, culture, race and ethnicity. Whilst protection from these forms of discrimination is integral, it is equally important to ensure that equality and diversity is reinforced in the workplace; equal opportunities is fundamental for professional practice. The meaning of equal opportunities is to ensure that all individuals are treated equally despite their character and their background, therefore avoiding any individuals being disadvantaged in their career due to judgmental, bias or prejudice opinions. For example, the ideal candidate for a position in the workplace should be decided upon the qualifications, knowledge and experience of the candidate, rather than placing a focus upon personal aspects that should have no negative effect towards performance in the workplace. UCLH places a huge effort into promoting equality and diversity, with the intention of eliminating discrimination; it is the first organisation in the UK that was certified by the International Disability Management Standards Council in reflection of the support for employees with disabilities. Following an audit that reviewed 16 different areas of the workplace (including workplace culture, employee
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