Importance Of Equity In Education

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Equity means removing barriers and giving everyone an equal starting place. It is different from equality as it involves much more than just treating everyone the same. The General Commission on Religion and Race, or GCORR of the United Methodist Church states that the social structures of society have been built in such a way that discrimination “lives” within the structures themselves. The example that is given is voting. Equality is when everyone has the right to vote while equity is everyone having the same ability to vote. Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus set a precedent: He included women in a time when they were considered lesser. Unfortunately, this precedent is not followed in many parts of the world. Women’s equity is important to everyone. The best way to achieve this is through education. Educating women is easier said and done as they are still considered the lesser gender in many countries. A UNESCO report from the United Nations states that twice as many girls as boys are unlikely to ever enter school. An article from Brighter Children outlines the five major barriers to children’s educations in developing countries while an article from Share America covers the benefits of educating women worldwide. I need a transitional sentence here. :/ The UNESCO report states that eight million boys will be unlikely to ever step foot in a school. This is an alarming number, but is twice as good as the 16 million girls who will be unlikely to ever step foot in a
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