Importance Of Ethics In Social Work

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Due to the widespread of inequality, social injustice, and variations of erroneous acts, social workers are imperative figures in contemporary society. In the social work profession, it is essential that each worker understand and enforce the six core ethical principles: service, social injustice, dignity and worth of a person, the importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. With the proper knowledge and sufficiency of each value, a social worker can effectively help to improve modern day society. In the story "The Seed," there were multiple instances in which the characters demonstrated both positive and inadequate ways to display each ethic. First, service was demonstrated by the mother of Ling in this story. Service is often defined as the physical act of providing assistance to others in order to reach a goal. Ling's mothers' service was displayed when she helped Ling to retrieve a pot and place soil into it in order to help Ling's plant grow. Considering that pots and soil are two essential products that give life to plants, without Ling's mothers' service the plant would not have had a chance to grow at all. Service is important for all social workers to undergo because when someone lacks to put forth effort into doing a task, it is likely that outcome will result negatively. Social Workers must commit service both as an individual and throughout his or her profession in order to establish success. For example, if a student is moments away from
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