Importance Of Ethics On Accounting And Business At Large

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The Importance of Ethics in Accounting
Zachary J. Blake
ACCT 302--B01 LUO

The Importance of Ethics in Accounting
Ethics are of the utmost concern within accounting and business at large. Ethics are the standard by which we make moral choices and decisions in our lives. In business and accounting, ethics give external users such as stakeholders, venture capitalists, and others a measure by which they can weigh financial statements and information to see if they are accurately portrayed. There are many different standards which govern the ethics of the accounting profession such as United States GAAP and European IFRS. Legislation, such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act, has been passed to ensure that these ethics are maintained.
Ethics are the backbone of the accounting profession and are a subject of utmost importance within the field of business. Ethics within the accounting profession ensure that financial information is presented truthfully. Accounting ethics deals with specific questions on whether a given business practices is acceptable or not. To this end, many standards, principles and agencies such as FASB, GAAP, IASB, IFRS, and the Securities and Exchange Commission have been formed to codify and enforce these ethics. There has also been an increasing desire within the general public for transparency within publically held firms largely due to recent corporate scandals and the general power large corporations wield over society (Melé,…
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