Importance Of Evidence In Criminal Justice

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Evidence is very important in the criminal justice system. Evidence is relevant to many thing, such as cases. Detectives and polices uses evidence. All evidence should be reliable to any case. Evidence is leads to the truth. the material reflection of things, the amalgam of thought, deed, action, the recitation of how the world and its properties fit into a particular set of facts. Sometimes evidence is not a reflection of reality. The weight of evidence are mostly one presumptions are rules and accepted conclusions and only competent of evidence is entitled to weight. In criminal cases, the burdens of proof is the prosecutor responsibility, but in civil cases the burdens of proof is the plaintiffs responsibility. The burdens of proof is an allocation, distribution of evidence. In the court of law, prosecution and defense counsels evaluate the quality of evidence. However, the law enforcement collects, preserves and packages for the court room. Evidence must be in good-standing and accurate to the case. For an example, If there was an armed robbery at a local gas station and the service clerk was shot and killed, the evidence they would use the gun, the police officers and local detectives would find the type of gun that was used, see if blood is on the floor, fingerprints anywhere, and see if any bullets are around to collect for evidence. All the evidence that was collected, police and dectectives would find the person you acted upon killing the clerk. If the police finds
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