Importance Of Fashion And Its Effect On Society

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Tami K. Brown Professor Corinne Tatum ENG102 20 December 2015 The Importance of Fashion Every year thousands of fashion magazines flood the newspaper stands and tons of new fashion lines come out each season with the hopes of being better than last season. Book such as “The devil wears Prada” and “Confessions of a shopaholic” hit the shelves and become national bestsellers. Fashion capitals such as Paris, Milan, London and New York turn into meccas for trend followers. Designers and their labels sell millions of dollars in merchandise each year to people from all walks of life. Models, Photographers and media outlets capitalize on these labels making people want to have the latest Must haves of the season. The anticipation grows constantly for the September issue of Vogue. With all these components combined and despite the opposition fashion remains an important factor to society. One might pose the question how is fashion important to society? Fashion can invoke creativity, creates first impressions, and strongly encourages confidence and plays a huge role is religions and culture. A recent study asked that exact question and the results showed that 64% ( of people believed that fashion was important. One can argue that people should find other ways to express their creative side like going to an art classes or becoming a hobby photographer. Another argument that seems to come into play is that today’s fashions are really not all that great and can be a bit on
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