Importance Of Fearlessness

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The Fearless Girl, a bronze statue of a small Latina girl depicted as staring down a charging bull, also known as the iconic Wall Street Bull. The small girl faces the bull with unwavering defiance. Her eyes shine with determination, almost as if she were alive. As an individual stares upon the little girl facing such a large, dangerous specimen the individual knows that she does not have the fear that would strike most people when they look upon the charging beast. Fearlessness is something this little girl shows with ease. Fearlessness, a word some people describe as having the lack of fear, or showing no anxiety when faced with a challenge that would cause the unpleasant feeling of terror. Others would describe it as facing a…show more content…
By doing this she showed no fear, as her action would be punished by her serving jail time. The Little Rock Nine is a large symbol of fearlessness throughout our country. Melba Pattillo Beals was one of the Little Rock Nine. Malala Yousafzai lived in a country where there were evil and vile people out to hurt her, yet she’s still standing up for what she believes in. Helga Weiss lived through the holocaust. She starved and witnessed horror beyond belief but her fearlessness helped her stay alive. Nonfiction literature is used by a myriad of authors to influence the readers into believing that through fearlessness one can achieve anything, even if the chances of succeeding are one in a million.
North America, 1957, a group of nine, colored teenage boys and girls were admitted into the all white school of Central High. The Whites of the community were furious, allowing black children into their school created an uproar. The nine students endured taunts, insults, and even threats against their lives. The nine teenagers were dubbed the Little Rock Nine, named after their town Little Rock, Arkansas. A member of the Little Rock Nine, Melba Pattillo Beals, wrote a book about her everyday life while enduring school. Her book, Warriors Don’t Cry, shed light on her experiences and the horrors the children endured inside the walls of Central High. While at school Melba had become friends with one of the 101st soldiers there to protect her, he lead her through
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