Importance Of Food Labelling As A Vehicle For Dietary Messages

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Adetutu Okupe
Bio 2107k Lab Report
Hieu Nguyen
Importance of food Labelling
Abstract: The Food and Drug Administration recognizes the importance of food labelling as a vehicle for dietary messages and, thus, enforces stringent guidelines to maintain the integrity of the food label. As food labels await another upgrade to make them more effective and easier to understand, the Food and Drug Administration considers what information will be most useful for consumers to make healthy choices. The causal relationship between food labels and actual amount of the content of food in the overall percentage; more research in this area is needed. The Food and Drug Administration acknowledges the severity of misinforming consumers for economic reasons of selling a food product. As a result a test will be conducted to actually get the actual amount of content in the food product using whole milk, Protein powder, and Soy milk.
Background: Protein is an important nutrient which helps the body form the structural component of body tissues and is used within many biological processes, for example protein is used to make enzymes, antibodies to help us fight infection as well as DNA the building blocks to life. It’s also needed to make up muscle tissue which in turn helps to keep our bodies active, strong, and healthy. According researcher, most proteins is stored in the body as muscle, generally accounting for around 40-45% of our body’s total pool, so it makes sense that if an individual…
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