Importance Of Gender Equality

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Gender equality is an issue that many organizations have been fighting for many years. This has been achieved through the formation of organizations to fight on behalf of each gender. For many years, women have been left behind in many issues in the society. Men have always been more considered as compared to women. Women have not been given opportunities they deserve in the society. They have not been offered a chance in education, work and leadership as they deserve. For instance, it is hard for a woman to be elected as a president in any country. Some people feel that women do not have right to lead and should not be given a chance. The truth is that all genders are important in society. Both men and women have critical roles to play in…show more content…
They have not been given many chances in development as men. There is need to have more women in development programs as men. Women now own companies and major businesses, and they are doing well. Despite the responsibilities, they have to play in the family, they have been able to achieve many their businesses. Gloria emphasizes that gender equality is fundamental to development. Women deserve equal chances as men (Denton, 2017). They should not be bullied in work because they are women (Marchetta, 2009). Women should be provided with equal opportunities in the development to grow the economy of the country. They should not be left home without work. Women like men have talents. It is important that they get an opportunity to expose their talents. Talent can earn them a living. Most communities have not realized the importance of giving women a chance to grow their talents. Women have been denied opportunities they can expose their talents. It is until recently that women from particular communities were allowed to participate in games. On the other hand, men have been given all opportunities to grow their talents. For instance, men compete in many categories of competition than women. Moreover, men population is more than that of women. There is need to enlighten the society on the importance of giving women a platform they can grow their talents. The society just thinks that women are just for keeping the homes clean
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