Importance Of Generalist Approach In Social Work

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Applying the Generalist Practice Approach to Social Work with Child Advocacy Centers The basic foundation of the generalist practice approach began in the early 1900's. By the 1960's, the generalist approach started evolving into the description of individuals who had the abilities to work at different practice levels ranging from individual to community (Schatz et al, 1990). In the mid-1970's, the core curriculum for the generalist practice social worker was generated. In 1987, Schatz and Jenkins conducted a study and created a generalist practice model to help show the connection between, basic generalist, advanced generalist and specialist practices in social work (Schatz et al, 1990). The study also aided to define the differences…show more content…
An example of the specialist practice approach would be a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW). He or she specializes in mental health and focuses mainly on this aspect of the field. The LICSW uses the generalist practice approach while practicing in their focused field. Today, the generalist practice approach and specialist practice approach are the approaches used in the social work field (Morales et al., 2015). Both of these approaches take a holistic approach to help the client by using the client's strengths, competencies, and outside resources (Cody & Lehmann, 2008). Both generalists and specialists form a relationship with the client that allows the client to become empowered. This empowerment permits the client to take control of his or her situation as well as their success in overcoming the issue at hand (Cody & Lehmann, 2008). Social workers in both forms of practice utilize the strengths perspective. This perspective uses the client's strengths in order to come to a solution to the client's issues (Morales et al., 2008). Each approach utilizes research-based methods and looks for the best approach for each individual at that time while applying the strengths perspective (Morales et al., 2015). Now that both the specialist and generalist practice approaches have been discussed, how does this apply in my current field of practice? Before we determine this, we need to look at the history of the
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