Importance Of Giving Consent In Health Care

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Giving Consent Mary Carnahan HA 301 Legal Aspects Legislation in Health Care August 16, 2016 Introduction What are some bioethical challenges regarding the consent process for organ transplantation? Health care providers have a commitment to respecting a patient’s right to donate an organ and an obligation to ensure the patient provides informed and voluntary consent for the procedure. Does this consent process differ from the consent needed to provide health care to a patient in other situations? I will be doing a research on giving consent, in the medical profession there are many regulations and legal aspects when a patient gives consent for any type on service. What is consent? Consent for medical treatment by “law, voluntary agreement with an action proposed by another. Consent is an act of reason; the person giving consent must be of sufficient mental capacity and be in possession of all essential information in order to give valid consent. A person who is an infant, is…show more content…
Both state and federal legislation has been put in place to provide the safest and most equitable system for allocation, distribution, and transplantation of donated organs” (HRSA, n.d.). Consent is required from a patient regardless of the intervention from a physical examination to organ donation. It can be given: Verbally-for example, by saying they are happy to have an X-ray or in writing-for example, by signing a consent form for surgery. There are two types of organ donation: living and deceased. Donated organs are given to someone who has damaged organs that need to be replaced. An organ transplant may save a person's life or significantly improve their health and quality of
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