Importance Of Good And Evil In The Novel 'Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned'

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With an angel and devil on the top of your shoulders whispering into your ear, who do you listen to the most? Of course, we try to listen to the angel and try to do good but in some cases, the little devil will overpower and make you do something evil. In the book “Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned” by Walter Mosley, the main character, Socrates Fortlow, is put in a position of good and evil when he then ended up in prison for double murder and rape. Socrates was incarcerated for 27 years and lived a hard prison sentence but once he got out the devil stayed and the angel got out with him as he tries to help others and better himself. Just because Socrates is trying to help others doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a better man now. He still needs to better himself before helping others. He has the mentality of a monster but a heart of a greatness and helpfulness. Being in prison didn’t give Socrates any opportunities to grow as a person because he couldn't, he had to find a way to survive the prison life. Once he got out he still had the prison mentality but tries to put it under control. He knows he has to do good to balance out the wrong he did in his life. That’s when Socrates started to mentor an eleven-year-old boy name Darryl, who has accidentally killed another boy. When they first met Darryl had killed Socrates friend Billy the rooster. Socrates told Darryl “why you kill my friend?” but he heard the fear in the boy’s voice when responding that he didn’t kill anybody.

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