Importance Of Gospel Rap

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Gospel rap is a relatively new genre of music that has radically challenged the definition of Gospel music. Gospel music, itself, has its origins in the Negro spirituals, where slaves would sing songs of worship and songs of hope for their freedom. However, the blending of African and European musical styles contributed to new, expressive genres of music like the jazz, and the blues. These expressive genres inevitably found their way into the black church, as expression via music became a dominant part of the “black church experience”. Gospel rap serves as yet another attempt to diversifying the “sound” of spiritual music. While it is argued that rap has no place in the church, gospel rap is actually beneficial to the church in that it serves as another medium to spread the messages of the bible. By widening the genres associated with spiritual music, gospel rap allows the messages of the bible to reach more lives, advancing the Christian mission to “make disciples of all nations”.
Before beginning our discussion on the spiritual implications of gospel rap, it is important to discuss the social, and economic conditions that gave rise to rap, itself. Rap music (interchangeable with hip-hop music) began in New York city in the late 1970s (Abraham 2015). This time-period was marked by severe unemployment, and a lack of support for schools and social relief programs. The decline in support for these social services is most likely a consequence of the lavish spending on the war
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