Importance Of Grit

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Grit is the work ethic in students that helps them succeed. It is the driving force that all students have in order to do their best and never give up. Not all students have grit, have that drive that keeps them from giving up and always pushing forward. Grit isn't something developed overtime, either you have it or you don't. Even if you fail you still can have grit, it the fact that no matter how many time you fail you keep trying. You don't need grit to succeeded, it is just an extra push that some have. Some people have natural born talent, while other have to study, practice, and ask for help, which is how grit works. College student push through college differently, some have grit, natural talent, or neither. Work ethic differs…show more content…
It doesn't mean they are failures because they don't have grit. Todd Rose states in Jeffery J. Selingo’s article that "Things like grit and 10,000 hours are mindsets that are very misleading because they are consequences not causes – they are lagging indicators of performance" (Is 'grit' overrated in explaining student success? Harvard researchers have a new theory). Maybe studying isn't for you, and that's why you don't have grit. Memorizing two minutes before a test could be your go to method of action. Doesn't mean you're not smart, just that you think differently.
Grit isn't for everyone. But that doesn't dwindle the fact that it is also the work ethic to never give up for others. Grit is simple a will to push on, or try over and over again. Ogas has stated in Selingo’s article that "When we spent the time to understand how they got better, each master had his or her own unique path,” (Is 'grit' overrated in explaining student success? Harvard researchers have a new theory). Some college students can try one method a million times- like studying- and it never works for them, but they find a new way and of learning- like games- and can grasp a concept a lot quicker than before. Grit differs from person to person, just like studying habits or an old pregame ritual. Like I've said previously, either you have it or you don't. It isn't bad at all if you don't have it. Maybe you think different or

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