Importance Of Guns And The Right To Carry Guns

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Guns and the right to carry them is such a debatable topic in today’s society. So many different people have their opinions on how people should use their guns or where they can and can’t carry them. They have this misconception that guns are such a big problem and that they kill people, but in reality guns are not the problem at all it is the people holding them. Even though guns can be dangerous, guns are used for good more than bad. Getting a conceal carry permit is something that has very precise steps to follow in order to obtain it. You are required to be at least 21 years of age. If for some reason you are ineligible to purchase a firearm then you are no longer able to get the permit to conceal a handgun. A person that has been convicted of a violent misdemeanor or drunkenness in the last three years will be rejected if applied for a conceal carry permit. As you can see a lot goes into obtaining the permit to be able to conceal a handgun. After a very thorough background check gets cleared for the applicant the court may require proof that the applicant can demonstrate competence with a handgun. This includes: completion of a firearm training course offered by the NRA, the state, or school (Virginia Gun Laws). Also a lot more goes into it. Many choose to conceal carry instead of open carry for a couple of different reasons. When you conceal a handgun nobody knows you have the gun. If a criminal comes to rob a gas station that you are in and sees a handgun on your hip
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