Importance Of Handlebars - The Importance Of Handlebars

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The Importance of Handlebars I remember the first time riding a bike without my training wheels. Daddy clips the bike helmet below my chin and slips on the knee and elbow pads, while mommy fiddles with the video camera on the side walk. I mount my tiny bike as if it was valiant horse, and playfully twist the handle bars back and forth like revving a motorcycle. The most glorious moment, is when dad finally lets go of the bike and I pedal down the street, the glittery streamers flowing from my handle bars. I no longer have my parents steadying the bike making sure that I don’t topple over. I am completely on my own maneuvering this machine. After a child adapts to riding a bike, they start to experiment with the bikes capabilities. They ride the bike backwards, try fancy tricks at the skate park, and completely take their hands off the handle bars. However, should a child ride their bike with no handle bars, risking having complete control of their bike and their safety just because they can? In the music video “Handlebars,” the Flobots utilize the functionality of visual art and dynamic symbolism to effectively describe how people’s greed and power can shadow the true potential and talent that an individual possesses, disconnecting them from the people that genuinely care about them. The Flobots is a well known alternative rock and rap band from Denver, Colorado, consisting of musical artists: Jamie Laurie, Stephen Brackett, Andy Guerrero (guitar), Mackenzie Roberts
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