Importance Of Healthy Diet In Nigeria

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Adequate nutrition is an important of a healthy lifestyle for Nigerians. Many Nigerians value healthy living and research shows that 75% of Nigeria population do not practice healthy diet. Unhealthy consumption of food has increase in Nigeria and this has become a rising concern on nutrition and health implication. Healthy living is an essentially and important factors in basic human life and it contributes to well-being and overall lifestyle. This research will examine the “Perception of Healthy Diet in Nigeria”.
A healthy lifestyle is measured by diet, exercise and sleep. Nigeria is one of the most populated country in Africa. Nigeria has a population of over 180 million citizens in which majority of the populations are lower class. The perception of Nigerians on the aspect of eating healthy encompasses many factors such as, socio-economic aspect and cultural aspect. In Nigeria, eating healthy can be difficult to achieve because of unavailability of resources to purchase healthy fruits and food. Just like in the USA, healthy fruits and vegetables are more expensive than buying unhealthy food such as fast foods and carbohydrates. Eating right can help prevent weight gains, and health issues such as obesity, hypertension etc. This research paper will detail some of the unhealthy living within the Nigerian population and how many factors determines the perception of healthy diet.
Literature Review
In cultural aspect, most Nigerian culture believed that an
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