Importance Of Human Rights

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Human Rights assumes an essential part of many individuals lives since it enables them to live free and not need to be stressed over anything. Having rights is something that makes us uncommon as human, it is something that is never going to be broken, stolen away, or lost. It is with you any and wherever you go. Human rights mean being able to hold hands with the person you love, work where you’re qualified to work without your skin color or sexual orientation being the reason you can’t; it means having the right to be human, making choices and mistakes. So, what are human rights? Human rights are the basic rights and freedom inherent to all human being, despite our nationality, sex, ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status, we are entitled to our rights without discrimination. Some consider how human rights came to be so essential to the general public we live in, and how it became a fundamental guideline.
Well, during slavery, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation declaring that all persons held as a slave within any state or designated part of a state shall be forever free. Nonetheless, the Emancipation Proclamation did not end slavery in the nations. Lincoln soon realized that the act would have to be followed by a constitutional amendment in order to guarantee the abolishment of slavery. That’s when the 13th amendment came into action. The 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United States. Thus, the United States found a solution
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