Importance Of Immunizations

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Meta Description: Immunizations have an important role in preventing the diseases and infections that can impair the health of seniors and decrease their quality of life.

H1Immunizations Have a Role in Maintaining Good Health

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Title: Immunizations Play an Important Role in Your Health

Like many people, you probably get a flu shot every year. But what about the other immunizations you’ve heard about? Your Pegasus caregiver and your doctor can answer your questions.

It’s easy to decide as you age that you don’t need a vaccination against this or that. Although you are well past childhood diseases, maturity doesn’t bestow protection from infection. And infection of any
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Tell your doctor before any injection if you:

• Are allergic to eggs
• Are allergic to latex
• Have Guillain-Barre syndrome
• Have a fever
• Have any illness or disease

Your doctor also needs to know if you’ve had a severe reaction to a vaccine in the past.

Minor reactions to immunization are limited to:

• Redness at the injection site
• Slight pain at the injection site
• Muscle aches
• Low fever
• Malaise

These are all temporary symptoms and pass within a day or two.

Your caregiver is trained to recognize serious reactions. He or she will consult with your doctor to ensure that you obtain treatment if needed. Otherwise, your caregiver will strive to keep you comfortable.

It’s also important that you receive your immunizations at the right time. A home health care specialist helps you keep a record of what you’ve had and when. If needed, your caregiver will schedule an appointment and transport you to the doctor’s office.

Most physicians recommend the following vaccinations for seniors:

• Pneumonia
• Shingles
• Tdap

These are all intended to prevent infection.


Influenza, or the flu, is very contagious. The older an individual is, the more serious it can be. It can worsen any existing condition.

Complications of the flu can land you in a hospital. You may still get the flu if you’re vaccinated, but the infection will be much milder. Because the viruses that cause influenza constantly change, you need a new flu shot each year.
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