Importance Of Implementing A Dress Code

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Almost every school in the United States has some form of a dress code, yet it elicits more anger and backlash than any other school policy. There is a fine line between a fair policy meant to maintain order and policy meant to correct those who are different. American liberty being put to the test while attempting to improve schools means that something is wrong in the way the policy is being enforced. No method to improve the learning environment should interfere with the constitutional rights of this country. Implementing a fair dress code is important because it has potential to improve schools and calm local tensions, but it is also essential to not overstep authority to limit expression, or discriminate based on personal attitude. More specifically, there are many examples of policy established by the United States government that supports a fair dress code and limits an unfair one. Government in Opposition Overstepping Authority Clothing is one of the main ways that students can express themselves and establish themselves as an individual. Anything that subdues the fundamental right of personal expression, without justification has no place in a democracy. There are numerous examples of school administrators overstepping their power to limit expression that does not disrupt the school atmosphere. In Pennsylvania, students won a suit in the U.S Court of Appeals on the grounds that the school’s administration had very little reason to ban bracelets with the popular breast cancer slogan “I heart boobies” as it was in support of something positive and did not actively inhibit learning (Association). Additionally, a federal judge in the Supreme Court of Virginia ruled against a school policy banning the anti-drug message “drugs suck” with the school arguing the word “suck” was too vulgar (Hudson). These examples fall outside of what dress code is meant for. This authoritarian use of censorship does more harm to students than it does to promote a scholarly environment. Someone should not have to give up unnecessary rights just because they are at school. This subordination of students is threat to American liberty and democracy. Discrimination Many schools have wrongfully used dress code policy as a
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