Importance Of Information And Its Role For Managing Modern Organisations

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A) To begin with, Dretske Fred (1994) mentions that a role of information is “To make this work the idea information must be operational in such a way as to give semantic properties a role in information system behaviours.” This therefore suggests that businesses must use information to produce new innovative ideas which could benefit their business for example new packaging of sweets will attract customers to purchase the sweet and this could lead to an increase in sales. Moreover, Fawzy Soliman (2003) cites that “Critical information plays a key and essential role for managing modern organisations, because of the large volumes of information and the resources required to process them, it has become necessary to develop a scheme for the identification of critical information.”The characteristics of information that THB confectionery should use in their business are timeliness which means that the information is available, frequency information is updated, appropriateness to the task and the person performing the task, accuracy of the information, brevity the level of detail appropriate for the task. Additionally, rarity which leads to unusual information, understandability of information to person receiving it, action sufficient detail to initiate action by appropriate person and lastly, presentation format of the information and degree of ambiguity. Nevertheless, Mohamed Youssef (2003) mentions that “the importance of critical information for the management of modern

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