Importance Of Information Technology In Teacher Education

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Information and Communication Technology in Teacher Education in India: Benefits and Barriers

Teacher education plays a vital role in developing quality education which is the present requirement in the modem information & communication era. Teacher educators are the basis producing the future teachers who are the pillars of nations. The quality of teacher education programmes depend on the quality of teacher educators who are the teachers of teachers. They should be well equipped with the latest knowledge 's in their subject by undergoing orientation & refresher courses, seminar etc., management skills, communication skills, good qualities to inculcate among the teachers trainees. The introduction of ICTs in the education has
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However, the education sector, particularly the area of teacher education, has lagged behind other sectors of the Indian economy in benefiting from the fruits of technological development. Today’s education system faces the challenge to prepare individuals for the information society in which one of the most important aims is to handle information. No amount of technological up- gradation of educational institution will change the performance of our students without the active involvement and support of teachers who are capable of exploiting the profound possibilities the ICT can offer for the teaching- learning process. For this purpose it is necessary to create in the teacher an awareness of the possibilities of ICT which will lead to their willingness to learn it and resulting in the commitment and confidence to use it. Thus, teacher education institutions in the country must rise to the occasion to turn out ICT competent through in –service and pre-service courses.

Objectives of the Study:
• To access the scope and importance of ICT in Teacher Education.
• To explore the benefits of using ICT in Teaching/ Learning.
• To identify the barriers that hinders the teacher’s educator in the use of ICT.

Research Methodology:
This paper is prepared using secondary data collected from various sources like Publications of books, monthly journals, article and
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